Sales and Rental of Automated Motorsports Timing Equipment
Photo of the displays for a Start Control at Targa Newfoundland 2006 courtesy of Gordon Sleigh

Take your motoring event to a new level of timing precision and professionalism while enhancing the experience of your competitors, your media and your spectators.
  • Motoring Event Services has become the exclusive North America representative for the ECM Rally Timing System -- a high accuracy microprocessor controlled timer for motorsports applications in widespread use at hundreds of events throughout the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

  • The unit has several modes of operation to allow for differing requirements and applications, including among others stage rallies, TSD rallies, rallycross, autocross, circuit events, drag racing, and time trials. For stage rally timing specific modes are available for each type of control: ATC, SS, FF, FTC, RGC and MTC.

  • Common to all applications are the Start and Finish of a timed section of road:

    • Start Control. The vehicle number and its start time are shown to the competitor on a large LED display, and a traffic light countdown sequence tells when to go. Six pre-determined start intervals and eight different countdown sequences (one that follows FIA specifications) are available.
    • An optional photocell can record the actual time the car crosses the start line and catch any jumped starts.

    • Finish Control. A photocell at the finish line records the finish time of each passing vehicle. This time is electronically relayed to a stop point timer where it is shown with the vehicle number on a large LED display.
    • For cases where the Start and Finish controls are within communicating distance the start timer can automatically forward vehicle numbers and start times to the stop point timer which calculates and displays the elapsed time for each vehicle as it pulls up to the stop point.

  • All times and associated vehicle numbers are recorded at every control and can be uploaded to a computer file at any time for import into a scoring program. Programs like George Marcotte's RallyScoring have already been integrated with the Rally Timing System. Custom scoring solutions are also available.

  • A special spectator-area timer is available that automatically displays the current car's speed at a spectator point and time interval to the preceding car.