Route Planning, Routebook Production and Pacenoting for Rallies and Tours.

Keep your event participants on-course, on-time, challenged, safe and well informed.
  • Route Planning and Scheduling.
    • Expert routing and scheduing for competitors, service crews, event guests and spectators. 
    • The appropriate mix of fast, slow, straight, twisty, interesting, scenic and challenging roads to suit the specific objectives of your event.
    • Scheduling of allocated road section times with interesting enroute stops according to your particular needs.

  • Routebook Production.
    • Clear, easy to follow distance referenced route following instructions with tulip diagrams, GPS references, amplifying information and interesting annecdotes.
    • Annotated maps (including .kml Google Earth files) with highlighted routes, distances and labeled landmarks.
    • Produced with state-of-the-art electronic equipment that directly feeds a routebook program running on a laptop computer for highly accurate distance references and action diagrams for all action points and landmarks.

  • Competitive Section Noting.
    • Timed competitive sections with detailed road notes - severity of every corner, length of every straight, description of every road feature - for enhanced safety and increased competitor enjoyment.
    • Produced with the Jemba inertia-based system through a partnership with P-Sport and Jemba SE or by means of a specialized electronic tripmeter