Expert Vehicle Tracking, Routing and Advising Services for Motoring Events 




New book by Motoring Event Services' principal Mark Williams:

Improve the quality and success of your automotive motoring event  through the application of world-class expertise and specialized tools.
  • Tracking. Rental and operation of a cost-effective participant vehicle tracking system.

  • Routing. Route planning, routebook production and pacenotes writing for rallies and tours.

  • Advising. Experience-honed wisdom that improves the quality of events.

All services are coordinated by principal Mark Williams - a proven successful motorsports event organizer, winning co-driver and technologist -- with access to a wealth of the best supporting expertise available in North America.

Mark Williams has over 3 decades of experience at more than 200 stage rallies in six countries. He has helped shape the operations and the effective application of technology at such events as WRC Rally Mexico, Rally Barbados, Targa Newfoundland (Canada), Rally of the Tall Pines (Canada), Rally Perce Neige (Canada), Sandblast Rally (USA), Rally West Virginia (USA), and Empire State Rally (USA). Mark is also the Competitor Liaison for the FIA NACAM (North America & Central America) Rally Championship.

Mark's prowess for developing technology solutions for support to rally operations is anchored in 35 years of building innovative signal collection and analysis systems for the US Intelligence Community. This experience has been built on a PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Enginnering and Computer Science from Rice University.